TVSC Travel Club FAQ


1. What are the expectations of players and parents for Travel Teams?

Travel players are required to travel to away games within the league their coach is registered. All RBJSL league games (most teams) will be located within or near Berks County. Some of our older (above U13) more established teams choose to play in Philadelphia area leagues these teams will travel to games in Bucks Montgomery and Chester Counties . All home games will be played at Zack Saint Memorial Fields on Mill Rd. Players are expected to commit to the practices and game schedule requirements from their coach (usually 2 practices per week and one game per weekend). Parents are expected to support their team and players; and coach. Rosters, schedules and communications are managed through a private online team page.

2. Why are there evaluations for Travel Teams?

The Twin Valley Soccer Club requires evaluations to ensure players are playing at the level of competitiveness that is appropriate for their individual skill level; and to provide them with opportunities to learn and become better soccer players. We want to ensure that teams are placed at the right level of competition to ensure a balance between success and motivation to improve. By requiring player evaluations, we can help determine the best fit for each player on the team and/or coach that will be best suited for their skill level. Above all, we want every soccer player to have a good team experience and enjoy soccer. The evaluations are organized by the TVSC Coach and Player Development Committee. To read our evaluation policy click here.

3. How are the Travel Teams formed?

The teams are formed based on the number of players registered within an age group, the number of players required on a team, and the skill level from the evaluations. We want all players to be able to learn new skills at an appropriate level of competition. Sometimes depending on number of athletes in an age group, or due to competitiveness and/or skill differences multi-age teams may be formed to ensure like ability athletes are playing together to enable development and appropriate competition level, the player evaluations help with this process.

4. What uniform is required for Travel soccer?

The TVSC designated uniform includes a light colored home jersey and a black/green away jersey. These are paired with black shorts, and socks. These items can be ordered and purchased during your registration process. The club strives to keep the uniforms consistent for as long as apossible, but this has been a challenge due to supply issues. Players are required to wear shin guards, covered by socks, and to wear appropriate cleats at all practices and games. All players should bring the appropriate size ball and a water bottle to practices and games. An appropriate size ball is included in the registration cost for the first year of each ball size (U9 athletes receive a size 4 ball, U13 athletes receive a size 5 ball)


"What do you mean fall sign-ups were in April"?

Because of he deadlines set by the leagues we have to have our teams organized approximately 3 months prior to the season. In order for the Club to have sign-up, evaluations and organize the teams, we end up opening fall sign-up in April. Listed below is a general sense of when things happen in the year,

March Through June: Spring Season (Registration for Spring Season typically runs November to December.)

April: Registration for Fall Season

May/June: Player Evaluations

June: Fall Teams Announced

August: Fall Practice Begins

September: Fall Games Begins

November: Fall Season Ends

December: Club Awards Night